Room Service


A room you love   .   A plan to create it   .   Delivered to your doorstep

What is Room Service?

Room Service is a personalized design experience from Valerie Griffin Design, which offers you a custom-designed room plan.

Who is Room Service for?

Room Service is for anyone who wants professional guidance in designing a room.  It’s for those who say “I want my room to be finished – make it happen!”  It’s also for those who say “I want a plan for my room so I can work toward finishing it on my own.” Room service is for both the DIY-ers and non-DIY-ers.

Where does the Room Service client live?

Anywhere!  If you’re in the Austin area, we’ll meet in person to get started.  Live outside the Austin area?  Read more about e-design services here.

How does Room Service work?

Step 1: Schedule an appointment at your home to chat about your project – needs and wants, likes and dislikes, priorities and budget.

Step 2: Receive a proposal for the design fee detailing the scope of the project.

Step 3: The Room Plan is created.

Step 4: Valerie Griffin presents your custom Room Plan, or if you live outside the Austin area, your e-design room plan will arrive in the mail.  As you see the color palette, samples, and pictures, you can visualize your new room – and you have a plan to make it happen.


Most plans include the following:

  • Design Board
  • Room Layout
  • Pinterest Board
  • Samples of fabric, paint, and other selections
  • Shopping List with pricing

room plan

The shopping list includes on-line resources with pictures and pricing, so you can order the items according to your timing and budget. You may choose to follow the selections closely, or use it as a guide as you shop on your own.

Step 5 {optional} : Installation Day!  Let me handle the ordering, give me half a day to install, then come home for the big reveal of your new room!

install day living room

Room Plans start at $475